Meditative Cranio Sacral Therapy

Meditative Craniosacral (MCST) therapy is an offshoot of Osteopathy. It is a method whereby the structure of the spinal column and skull are seen and felt to be moving from within, in accordance with a pulsing rhythm. Inside our skull and spinal column is the space where our brain and nervous system reside and do their work. As we all know this nervous system is the bio-computer that regulates the workings of the whole body, furthermore it is the seat of our social and highest intelligence.

In MCST we work with the nervous system, which consists of the brain, the spinal cord and the cerebral-spinal fluid (also called the CS fluid) which flows around and within the brain and spinal cord. The cerebral-spinal fluid (the CS fluid) creates its own rhythm by a pump system, orchestrated deep within the brain and reflecting cosmic forces. The CS motion manifests as an expanding and contracting wave which is detectable everywhere in and around the body. Cranium and sacrum expand and then rotate back in an everlasting dance. We experience this rhythm as a "breathing" of the brain and the whole nervous system. The rhythm is the deepest force that we can feel and it regulates everything that happens in the body. In MCST trainings we learn how to work with this system.