Training Program

The Cranio Sacral System is the oldest, deepest and most primitive system in the body. Shortly after conception, when the cells start to build the body, the nervous system (within it the Cranio Sacral system) is the first thing that forms, the midline. Out of this building blocks appear that will form the whole body. Suddenly all cells know which life task they are going to perform and also where exactly in the body they are going to do that. Every cell remembers for the rest of its life that original signal which created clarity, which pointed the right road. This is one of the basic systems on which our therapy rests: to give back to every cell the trust that comes when you know your life task. We led the person feel physically this midline again. Meditative Cranio Sacral Therapy is very effective for addressing a wide range of medical conditions and emotional difficulties.

The Meditative Cranio Sacral Training program is built around a four year training program, consisting of 3- 4 day´s intensive residential modules, including active and silent meditations. You may move through these stages at your own pace. As a Master of Meditation, Etienne Peirsman has developed a unique teaching style over the past two decades that adds an extraordinarily compassionate and meditative depth to the methods used by the Upledger Institute and combines a practical, no-nonsense approach with the biodynamic style.

Our experience thaught us that anybody who is really interested can learn to apply the Meditative Cranio Sacral techniques, although education and practice are absolutely required.

Knowledge of the anatomical language is not needed to feel what is happening in a body or to feel where energy is blocked. All you need is already in you. Everybody is born with the potential to feel. All techniques which we learn in Meditative Cranio Sacral Therapy, including reliving our own birth, are part of the education of the Meditative Cranio Sacral Therapist.

This program is also excellent for professional bodyworkers, including Massage Therapists, Polarity Therapists, Rolfing practitioners, Acupuncturists, Physio Therapists, Chiropractors and Doctors.