Family Counstallations

Family Counstallations

If we don’t know what we're looking for, how can we treat it? Our current therapeutic models rarely identify the unconscious family influences that underlie many of the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms we experience. Without the root cause in view, our interventions can only scratch the surface.

Unconscious family loyalties, unresolved family traumas and hidden dynamics are carried in the words we speak, the symptoms we express, and the body defenses we unknowingly construct. When we know how to navigate this unconscious territory, we can begin to shift long-standing patterns of suffering and unhappiness.

To add this dimension of intervention, will greatly enhance our work as Meditative Cranio Sacral Therapists.

After the Family Counstallations, students are expected to follow supervised days in order to exchange and to receive feedback before following the next Meditative Cranio Sacral training.

To deepen the program an active and passive meditation program will be part of it.