Talking to the alarm system

Talking to the Alarm System

Survival is the main goal of our body, so that we can fulfill our life tasks and evolve. Unconsciously we take on other peoples’ opinions, angers, anxieties etc. In this Module we

learn how to consciously remove ourselves from these encumbrances and utilize the delicate mechanisms of control, to pilot our own course in life. Here we explore the Reticular Alarm System and the total Stress Cascade Response in the body. We learn how to take ourselves off ‘automatic pilot’ and consciously direct our own Stress Cascade.This is one of the modules that will change your life.

After the Talking to the Alarm System module students are expected to follow supervised Cranio Sacral days in order to exchange Cranio Sacral sessions and to receive feedback before following the next Meditative Cranio Sacral training.

To deepen the program an active and passive meditation program will be part of it.