Student Comments

Student Comments

The course has been so good that I can only find positive things to say about it - I speak as one who has spent many years studying a variety of subjects and this is by far the best course I have done.

Some of the positive points are:

The talks/lectures are clear, concise, relevant, interesting and specific to the subject concerned. Excellent.

Practical sessions are excellent. The guidance pre-exercise is clear, as is the practical demonstration. The talking us through the practical exercises is again excellent - the whole approach makes me feel as if you are doing everything you can to help me to succeed - and it works.

The warmth and positivity that could be clearly sensed among the group at the end of the last session is a lovely reflection of the atmosphere and energy which you have fostered. The course so far has been enormously exciting for me and I am loving the process of learning and development. I know I have chosen the right path for me and the right Cranio-Sacral Therapy course. Through all this (and I could go on) you will have guessed that I am very happy with what I am doing and with what you are offering me. I am really looking forward to coming back and continuing, so thank you !

At the end of the weekend I found myself eager to practice what I had learnt, and the follow-up came at just the right interval to share enthusiastically our experience. Overall it was a valuable, gentle and exciting introduction to this intriguing therapy. I am looking forward to the rest of the course."

"I came away from the follow-up weekend happy that I was learning a safe but very subtle form of healing, one that will be very useful, enhancing any branch of healing or body-work."

"Ankes' teaching has been clear and systematic. Practical experience was the priority right from the start, and Ankes' teaching style combines warmth, informality, and sincerity interspersed with humour. For me the course so far has been an exciting and pleasant journey of discovery."