Everyone is born with the same ability to feel.The fact that our parents - and actually our society as a whole – are unable to show (declare) their true and honest feelings, have....(caused deep confusion in our feeling system)

What our society teaches (shows) us is that a child’s feelings are inconsequential if not downright wrong. Furthermore, we are conditioned to believe that the traditional medical profession is more apt at knowing what and how our bodies feel than we, ourselves, are.

The result is that we (most humans) have become distrustful and confused about what we actually feel. And , worse, what our feelings are meant to tell us.

Obviously, you are the one who feels (something). But having been programmed to distrust your own feelings, you feel safer following “others’truth”, right or wrong, rather than your own. Until the day you become conscious of this (conditioned) behaviour.

One of the Meditative Cranio Sacral Academy’s central functions is to (lead you) assist you back into FEELING your feelings and having the guts to trust your feelings.

We invite you to experience that what you feel is the absolute truth – the body cannot lie.

We show you how to physically touch another being without fear, and in doing so, learning that what you feel (perceive) in the other’s body is the very answer to what you can do for the other (or how you can help the other).

We show you how to reconnect to- and work with your intuition. Every-body functions the same as yours. In the anatomy lessons you will learn about mechanisms and structures deep within your own body (which you already are deeply connected to but maybe not so familiar with yet).

The course will reconnect you with your personal power and self-esteem.

You will be pleasantly surprised: as an authorized Cranio Sacral Therapist you belong to the world’s most advanced healers, with access to the latest therapies regarding the anatomy, the immune-system and the brain.

Additionally, and further to treating physical symptoms, you will be familiar with the full range of emotional- and psychic imbalances (the real cause of all physical illness) and will be able to understand and treat these.