Basic course
The Basic training Course is the first module in the Meditative Cranio Sacral program series. You will learn how to become silent enough to listen to and feel the inner movements of a person’s body. You will understand how to approach and interact with the Craniosacral System, and feel the specific cranial rhythm you are most comfortable with. You will study how the Cranio Sacral system relates to the whole body, enhance your understanding of fascial intelligence, and gain the ability to do a diaphragm-by-diaphragm release over the whole body. You will also learn basic cranial lifts and neck releasing techniques. Each day during the training you will give and receive a practice session that covers the techniques demonstrated that day. By the end of this basic course, you will be able to give a full basic cranial session.

After the basic course students are expected to follow supervised Cranio Sacral days in order to exchange Cranio Sacral sessions and to receive feedback before following the next Cranio Sacral training.  
Active and passive meditations will support the basic course.