Supervised Practice days
Why practicing?

It is important to practice as up from the basic course to get more and more acquinted with CranioSacral therapy and to enlarge your feelability. These days give you the change to get more experienced, to deepen the technics under supervision of a teacher. It is also very important to receive sessions and not only give CS sessions. There is an opportunity to ask questions and to receive a feedback. Of every course 2 practising days are obliged to attend.

Superviced - Practice days
TWE 1. Basic Module Friday - Sunday25. - 27. March 2017
TWE 2. Rhythms & UnwindingFriday - SundayJuly 2017
TWE 3. SphenoidFriday - Sunday
TWE 4. Talking to the HeartFriday - SundayMarch 2017
TWE 7. Talking to the Alarm system

Friday - Sunday