Talking to the Heart

In this  first Somato Emotional Trauma Release module, students will learn to speak with their clients using their “original voice” as well as become able to recognize the intelligence and voice of cells and organs. You will gain the ability to speak directly to the structures inside the body 
without the interference of the chattering mind. You will also learn techniques for exploring and releasing constrictions in your own and your client’s Heart, allowing both of you to function more smoothly and express more fully.  Since therapy is dependent on the love that the therapist can allow, everyone who wants to claim this ability has to make sure his/her Heart is as free and open as possible.

After the Talking to the Heart, students are expected to follow supervised Cranio Sacral days in order to exchange Cranio Sacral sessions and to receive feedback before following the next Cranio Sacral  training.  
Active and passive meditations will deepen the Talking to the Heart training.