The 3rd  Course  in the first Academic year in the Meditative Cranio Sacral program is about the Sphenoid. Birthing pressures on the skull fixate its base into a certain position. The normal hardening of these bones gives each of us a skull that is locked in this ‘baby’ position. Without intervention, this position stays with us for the rest of our lives. In this class you will learn techniques to increase the flexibility of the cranial base, allowing the brain to function in the maximum space available. You will gain the ability to release the trigeminal nerve, opening up new possibilities of intelligence for yourself and your clients. Finally, you will explore the structures that keep the dura in place, such as the ethmoid and coccyx complex.

After the Sphenoid Training students are expected to follow supervised CranioSacral days in order to exchange Cranio Sacral sessions and to receive feedback before following the next Cranio Sacral training. 

The course will be taught in English, German and Dutch. Active and passive meditations will deepen the Sphenoid course.